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Paychecks and Tokens
pc264 Brass pass, 'L&NWRY PASS No 182 BRIDGE & FOOTPATH WORKINGTON', 38mm diameter Brass Round SOLD
pc304 'L.M.S GOODS WOLVERHAMPTON 384', larger size - 38mm diameter White metal Round 30
pc331 '2 LNWR 844 PC', Willesden shed (London) Brass Hexagonal 6
pc333 'G.W.R. WORKMEN'S CLUB' (Swindon?) Brass Round SOLD
pc343 'LMS RAILWAY TELEGRAPH DEPT 2069', 39mm diameter Brass Round 35
pc345 'L.M.& S.R. TRAFFIC DEPT LEEDS CITY 403' Brass Hexagonal 15
pc351 'L.M.& S.R. C.&W.DEPT BRADFORD 122' Brass Hexagonal 18
pc358 3 x 'MAJOR BROS COVENT GARDEN POTATO MKT LNER', 1, 2 and 3 shillings Brass Various 16
pc359 2 x 'GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY LOCO PAY CHEQUE SN', SN = Swindon Copper Oval 10
pc361 2 x thick 'LMSR P C' Brass Hexagonal 5
pc364 '.M R. LOCOMOTIVE DEPT 180', Midland Railway, 42mm diameter Brass Oval 18
pc373 'B R (W) 249' Copper Oblong 3
pc375 'B R (W) 187' Copper Oblong 3
pc376 2 x 'G.W.R LOCO & CARR. DEPT' numbers 611 and 716 Copper Oval 7
pc377 2 x 'G.W.R LOCO & CARR. DEPT' numbers 139 and 474 Copper Oval 7
pc379 2 x different GWR, 'LOCO DEPT' and 'LOCO & CARR DEPT' Copper Oval 7
pc381 B.R (E.REG) C'CHESTER - OPTG 121' (Colchester. Operating), 54mm across Brass Oval 14
pc382 'B.R (W) LOCO & CARR. DEPT PAY CHEQUE 1401' Copper Oval 4
pc384 2 x 'G.W.R LOCO CARR DEPT' Brass Oblong 6
pc386 'LMSR 1515 PC' Brass Hexagonal 3
pc387 'GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY LOCO PAY CHEQUE 359', embossed 'R' visible above '5' - would have shown 'S.R' for Stafford Road, Wolverhampton Copper Oval 6
pc388 'GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY LOCO PAY CHEQUE 395', embossed 'R' visible above '5' - would have shown 'S.R' for Stafford Road, Wolverhampton (R not so clear on this one) Copper Oval 5
pc389 'L.M.S. GOODS DEPT ST PANCRAS 2248', 44mm diameter White metal Oval 15
pc391 'M.R. LOCO. BRISTOL 130', Midland Railway Brass Round 22
pc392 L.M.S. BROAD ST GOODS 1061 White metal Round 12
pc394 'B.R (W) SIGNAL DEPT 784' Copper Square 5
pc395 'G.W.R LOCO & CARR. DEPT 776' Copper Oval 5
pc399 'B.R (W) SIGNAL DEPT 473' Copper Square 5
pc421 'G.W.R PADDINGTON GOODS 743' Brass Tear drop 35
pc427 B.R (E.REG) SH'LD MID ENGRS W'SHOPS 238' (Sheffield), 54mm across Brass Oval 12
pc428 'G.W.R CARRIAGE DEPARTMENT 269', worn but unusual Brass Round 18
pc429 'GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY LOCO PAY CHEQUE S.R. 1533', S.R. is embossed and denotes Stafford Road, Wolverhampton Copper Oval 15
pc430 'G.W.R LOCO. CARR. DEPT 240' Brass Oblong 4

pc258 transport tokens 5 Wolverhampton Corporation Transport tokens, pre-decimal Plastic Round 3
pc266 Commemorative token CITY OF GLOUCESTER VISIT OF KING EDWARD VII 1909, 38mm diameter White metal Round 15
pc268 Industrial tokens 4 x WILLIAMS BROS DIRECT SUPPLY STORES LTD 5/- (five shillings), 22mm diameter Brass or copper Round 3
pc335 Mining check 'THURCROFT MAIN COLLIERY 1101', near Rotherham, South Yorkshire Brass/copper? Brass 5
pc336 Mining check 'THURCROFT MAIN COLLIERY 499', near Rotherham, South Yorkshire Brass Round 5
pc337 Mining check 'WHITWELL COLLIERY 538', North East Derbyshire, embossed both sides with differing layout Brass Round 6
pc339 Mining check 'N.C.B. SILVERWOOD COLLIERY 1020', South Yorkshire Brass/copper? Round 5
pc362 Mining check 'BARNBURGH 412', colliery near Mexborough, South Yorkshire. Closed 1989 Brass Round 6
pc390 Pub token Pub token, 'LLANTHONY BRIDGE BRIDGE INN GLOUCESTER / FORD & WITTS ', used to be close to current National Waterways Museum, 23mm diameter Brass Round 25